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This article is for incoming (international) students to Fitchburg State University (FSU). Congratulations on your acceptance, and we are hoping you enjoy your education at FSU.

Before we get into the list, please sign up to find local businesses, discounts, and deals by registering for SeeksCo: (https://seeksco.com/register). You can find student discounts for up to 25%

Before getting to Massachusetts:

  1. Take pre-test exams: If you were given a placement test exam, make sure to take it before registering for classes. Usually, the tests are administered during orientation.
  2. Register and payments for classes: To be considered a full-time student, you have to be registered for classes. You can register for classes here, and make a payment plan and payments here.
  3. Renting an apartment in the Fitchburg area: Here are options for housing in the Fitchburg area for students.

When in Massachusetts:

  1. Getting to Fitchburg State: From the Boston Logan airport, there are 3 quick ways to get to the university if you do not have your car or a friend/family to pick you up.
  • Take a Lyft/Uber. Make sure you download the mobile apps before arriving.
  • Get a cab: You can find some here: https://bostonairportcab.com/
  • Schedule an airport shuttle through the international student office
  1. Getting groceries, and amenities: To get local food, and utilities, check out: https://seeksco.com/category/shopping for more.

Leave your comments if you have any questions. Thanks


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